An Unstandardized Take on Education

Welcome to our new show, All of the Above: An Unstandardized Take on Education, where we tackle issues facing American schools today. Politicians and so-called experts have a lot to say about what today’s schools should look like, but All of the Above is a place for us on the front lines to have our say. 

Whether you’re a new teacher trying to find your way in the classroom, a parent concerned about your child’s education, or a veteran educator reassessing your practice in a rapidly changing world, All of the Above is the show for you. 

Join us, two lifelong educators, as we take a hard look at the most complex, relevant, and controversial issues impacting our schools today. Tune in, subscribe, and send us your thoughts and questions as we embark on an unstandardized take on education.


Jeffrey Garrett & Dr. Manuel Rustin, co-hosts

William Abanyie, producer

Pictured left to right: Jeffrey, Manuel, and William

Pictured left to right: Jeffrey, Manuel, and William