An Unstandardized Take on Education

Welcome to our new show, All of the Above: An Unstandardized Take on Education, where we tackle issues facing American schools today. Politicians and so-called experts have a lot to say about what today’s schools should look like, but All of the Above is a place for us on the front lines to have our say. 

Whether you’re a new teacher trying to find your way in the classroom, a parent concerned about your child’s education, or a veteran educator reassessing your practice in a rapidly changing world, we want to hear from you. 

Join us, two lifelong educators, as we take a hard look at the most complex, relevant, and controversial issues impacting our schools today. This isn’t a podcast and we’re not here to tell you what to believe. Nah. We’re here to drive a conversation and see what you think. 

Tune in, subscribe, and send us your thoughts and questions as we embark on an unstandardized take on education.


Jeffrey Garrett & Dr. Manuel Rustin, co-hosts

William Abanyie, producer

  Pictured left to right: Jeffrey, Manuel, and William

Pictured left to right: Jeffrey, Manuel, and William