All of the Above Shorts

In between full episodes, All of the Above publishes short overviews of single topics impacting education. If you're looking for full, in-depth coverage of education issues, then head on over to our full episodes by using the menu at the top of this page.

Teacher asks class to write and sing racist Christmas carols

A teacher in New Hampshire is under fire for having his students write Christmas carols themed after post-Civil War America. A video posted online shows his class singing a song glorifying the KKK to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” We react.

Teachers Wear Racist Halloween Costumes

A group of teachers in Idaho dressed up as Trump's border wall and as "Mexicans" with sombreros, ponchos, maracas, and fake mustaches. We react.

NET NEUTRALITY - an All of the Above Short

With the end of net neutrality upon us, much of the focus has been on how our use of streaming services may be impacted. In this All of the Above short we take a look at how the repeal of net neutrality may impact students and teachers.


Test scores up, student happiness down?

In this All of the Above short we discuss a recent study that appears to show a correlation between raising test scores and declining student happiness. Specifically, the study suggests that teachers who are skilled at improving test scores are likely to have less happy and less engaged students than teachers who aren't as successful at raising test scores.

4/20 Walkouts Call for End to Gun Violence

Students across the country staged a national walkout to protest inaction from lawmakers on the issue of gun violence. What does this youth activism mean for our schools?

Teachers and Second Jobs

Teacher by day, and dental assistant by night? Sounds crazy, and it is. About one in six teachers in America holds down a second job in order to make ends meet. Listen in and join the discussion!

Poor Pay for Preschool Teachers

Research continues to highlight the importance of early childhood education yet the pay, prestige, and qualifications for teaching preschool remain disappointingly low. Why is that?

Teaching: Low Pay and Low Prestige

With declining numbers of people entering the profession in recent years, is our disregard for teaching the cause of teacher shortages across the country?

#RedForEd - AZ Teachers Join Wave of Teacher Strikes

Teachers from across the country continue to walk off the job in protest of abysmally low salaries, slashed budgets, and unjust learning conditions in schools. What does this wave of action mean for budgets, unions, and more?

Is the quest for perfect grades harming our students?

In this All of the Above short we take a look at a recent story concerning the negative effects of striving for perfect grades. Are we harming students by placing so much emphasis on "good" grades?


State sued over low reading scores

This All of the Above short examines a lawsuit in California over reading achievement. A group is suing the state alleging that it has failed to adhere to its plan for addressing the literacy crisis in California schools.