Season 2 Episode 6

The Pressure of Going to College – All of the Above Season 2 Episode 6

How do students today feel about the constant pressure to attend college? We sit down with some dope high school seniors to gain their perspectives about the modern “college or bust” climate of today’s schools. But first, we begin the episode with a review of recent education news about firearm training in PE classes, corporal punishment in today’s classrooms, and a push to take nutrition OUT of school lunches. Yes, you read that right. If you haven’t already, subscribe now on YouTube and join us for All of the Above—a web series about education and hosted by real educators!

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Episode Highlights


Jeff and Manuel examine recent headlines in education. Some districts in Iowa are adding mandatory firearm safety training to their P.E. classes, corporal punishment is still being used in many public schools, and the School Nutrition Association is praising the Trump administration for its rollback of Obama-era nutritional guidelines for school lunches.


We take it back to the school library for part two of our student seminar. This time, Nadia talks to seniors about their perspectives on the push to attend college. With college readiness being the push in many schools, how do students feel about the constant pressure to attend college? If you missed the previous student discussion about dress codes, be sure to check out Episode 4!