Season 2 Episode 2

Revisiting how teachers frame “success” – All of the Above Season 2 Episode 2 

Are narrow definitions of “success” causing students to ghost their teachers? We begin this episode with a review of recent education headlines about teacher wages, grade inflation, and defrauded student loan borrowers. We then take a deep dive into the hidden dangers of setting high expectations devoid of authentic love and understanding. What’s the right balance between preaching “college and career” and acknowledging that success looks different for different people? Join us for All of the Above—a new web series about education and hosted by real educators!

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Episode Highlights


Jeff and Manuel examine recent headlines in education. A Thomas B. Fordham Institute report shows that grade inflation is out of control, a new study from the Economic Policy Institute details shows that the wage gap between teachers and other college-educated professionals has reached a record size, and a Federal judge demands that Devos and the Department of Education put a stop to their capricious efforts to prevent students defrauded by for-profit colleges from accessing loan forgiveness.


It hurts to be ghosted. Manuel shares his experiences being ghosted by his own students—are the high expectations and narrow definitions of success that we set for students causing undue harm? We explore the delicate balance between setting high expectations for “college and career” and communicating unconditional love and understanding for our students. We know that success looks different for different people, but to what extent are schools communicating this and preparing students for uncertain futures?