Season 2 Episode 1


Are standards and assessments killing education, or are they the engine of equitable teaching and learning? We launch our second season with a review of recent headlines in education followed by a deep dive into the common core state standards. How are standards and assessments impacting our classrooms? Where do you stand in the standards debate? Join us for All of the Above—the premiere web series about education hosted by real educators.

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Episode Highlights


Jeff and Manuel examine recent headlines in education. A Stanford report shows that ICE partnerships with local police departments hurt attendance rates, a new study details the rise in teen smartphone use, and a school excludes a transgender student from their lockdown drill.

SHOW & TELL: The Standards Debate

We guarantee that every educator has a strong opinion about standards and assessments! Whether you love them or hate them, join us as we examine the never-ending standards debate. Jeff brings in a copy of the common core state standards to launch this episode’s Show & Tell.