Episode 1

Full Episode - Ep. 1

The inaugural episode of All of the Above dives head-on into the latest issues impacting our schools today. Our co-hosts begin with a look at recent headlines in education, including a unique idea in California to pay teachers the same as lawmakers. Dr. Rustin then examines the ongoing pressure that classroom teachers often feel to leave the classroom and climb up the career ladder. Afterwards, our hosts are joined by two special guests for a roundtable discussion about teaching in today’s intense political climate. In the era of Trump, fake news, and severe political division, just how “political” should a teacher be during class? Jeff closes out this episode with a reflective look at how efforts to ensure school safety may instead be creating a veritable police state for our students.

Episode 1 Highlights


Show & Tell - Ep. 1

The “Show and Tell” segment of All of the Above serves as a space for viewers to submit a topic of concern that they want to see discussed on the show. For this first “Show and Tell,” Dr. Rustin shares his concerns regarding the ongoing pressure for classroom teachers to climb up the career ladder and leave the classroom.


Seminar Discussion - Ep. 1

The “Seminar” segment of each All of the Above episode brings special guests onto the set for a roundtable discussion of important issues facing our schools today. This week we are joined by Dr. Akida Kissane Long and our student teacher correspondent Alyssa for a discussion about politics in the classroom. When it comes to teachers bringing their own politics into the classroom, how much is too much? Dr. Long brings her expertise as a teacher educator and former Los Angeles principal while Alyssa provides her perspective as a student teacher who is joining the profession during one of the most politically tense times in recent history.



Assessment - Ep. 1

The “Assessment” segment of All of the Above takes a reflective look at the ongoing promise and challenge of education today. This week, Jeff discusses a recent stabbing incident and ponders whether support for metal detectors and random searches misses the point when it comes to creating the safe, respectful cultures that we want in our schools.