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Full Episode 5 - A Look Back

In Episode 5 of All of the Above we take on the latest developments in American schooling, from school desegregation plans in New York City to the connection between Starbucks’ implicit bias training and our own classrooms. The episode begins with a look at recent headlines, including a review of the political stand taken by state teachers of the year during their recent visit to the White House. In the Show and Tell, Manuel looks back on what may turn out to be the most impactful school year in our recent history. For the Seminar we celebrate the six-month anniversary of All of the Above by taking a look back at some key highlights of previous episodes. Jeffrey closes out the episode with his Assessment of the the vital role played by our schools’ unsung heroes.

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Episode 5 Highlights


Manuel brings in a graduation cap and reflects on the major transitions that our schools face as the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close. When the Class of 2018 reunites at future class reunions, what will our schools look like? Debates over arming teachers, implementing school choice, and redefining what an “American” is threaten to radically change our schools as we know them.


Jeffrey revisits the tragic killing of Philando Castile, whose death not only sent shockwaves through the nation but through the school lunchrooms where he helped feed the children of St. Paul, MN. Jeffrey sends a special shout out to the cafeteria workers, bus drivers, school nurses, and countless other unsung heroes who make sure our students and schools are set up for success day in and day out.



Thanks to the good folks at ELB Education, we were able to borrow a Prowise Interactive Flat Panel to help us take a look back at our first six months of All of the Above! Jeffrey and Manuel review some of the highlights of our first six months of the show and reflect on some of the powerful contributions made by previous seminar guests.

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