Season 2 Episode 13

It’s All About the Kids – All of the Above Season 2 Episode 13

Educators love to say “it’s all about the kids,” but are they telling the truth when they say this? Manuel makes the case that this statement is a big lie and that educators really only care about doing things their way. We unpack the “it’s about the students!” trope and examine the extent to which classrooms and districts make space for student voice and input. But first, we begin the episode with a review of recent education headlines about teenage pregnancy, teaching consent, and making use of those unwanted cafeteria lunches.

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Episode Highlights


Jeff and Manuel examine recent headlines in education. A new study shows that a teenage pregnancy make impact academic readiness for as long as three generations, only nine states mandate teaching of consent despite the emergence of the #MeToo movement, and a dope nonprofit in Indiana is working to repurpose leftover school lunches to support families in need.


If you’re an educator, we KNOW you’ve said “it’s all about the kids!” before. Manuel makes the case that despite the ubiquitous nature of the phrase it amounts to a big bold lie. Schools and educators claim to be all about the students yet leave little room for any authentic student voice and input in the proceedings of our educational system. Together, Jeffrey and Manuel unpack this saying.