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In Episode 7 of All of the Above we take on the latest developments in American schooling, from teachers running for office this November to a recent challenge to Obama-era affirmative action guidelines. The episode begins with a look at recent headlines, including a new study that paints a bleak picture regarding wages for child care workers. In the “Show and Tell,” guest contributor Mimi Dao reflects on the importance of teachers revisiting their practice and ensuring that they are meeting the individual needs of their current students. For the “Seminar” we examine the educational outcomes of students in foster care and explore how teachers and schools can better support this population of learners. Our guest is Tremale Berger, a former foster youth who now serves on the board of United Friends of the Children, an organization dedicated to supporting foster youth around the Los Angeles area. Manuel closes out the episode with his assessment of teacher turnover and attrition.

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Episode 7 Highlights


We have our second guest contributor for “Show and Tell!” Mimi Dao, a dope high school English, Puente, and ELD teacher, brings in a bonsai plant to illustrate the careful attention that is required to meet the individual needs of different learners. Like plants, students each have personal needs that may not be addressed by outdated curriculum, traditional pedagogy, or the latest tech toys. Mimi reflects on her need to constantly revisit her practice and challenge herself to not treat each school year and each period of students exactly the same.


For our “Assessment,” Manuel celebrates his 15th year in the classroom and examines the various challenges that make this a difficult milestone for many teachers to reach. Our nation’s high teacher attrition rate, which disproportionately affects teachers of color and teachers who work in schools serving high percentages of students of color, continues to plague high-needs schools. Manuel reflects on the factors that helped him stay in the profession.



This episode we’re joined by Tremale Berger for a discussion about how teachers and schools can better support the needs of students who are in foster care. Tremale serves as a Board Member for United Friends of the Children, an organization dedicated to supporting foster youth in the Los Angeles area. An architectural designer who currently works as a Project Manager for DPR Construction, Tremale visits our set to share with us his experience growing up in foster care and how he was able to beat the odds and graduate from college.

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