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Full Episode 4 - Technology in the Classroom

In Episode 4 of All of the Above we take on recent developments in American schooling, from the role of modern technology in our classrooms to the debate around discipline reform and the emergence of performance tasks as measures of college readiness.  The episode begins with a look at recent headlines, including an overlooked incentive included in the new tax law that benefits private schools. In the Show and Tell, Jeffrey makes a case for a more critical teaching of American history and the need to educate our students about the uncomfortable realities of our nation’s past. For the Seminar we are joined by a technologist, a university instructor who teaches the next generation of teachers, and a classroom teacher to discuss the big questions that arise from the rapid growth of technology in the classroom. Are we at the precipice of a great, technologically advanced future for our schools, or are we at the ledge of a dangerous point of no return? Manuel closes out the episode with his Assessment of the importance of positive connections and relationships between teachers and their students.  

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Episode 4 Extras


Episode 4 Extra: One-on-One with Santhosh Balasubramanian

After taping the Seminar for Episode 4 of All of the Above, Manuel sat down with Santhosh Balasubramanian to learn more about his work as a technologist. Santhosh focuses on applications in education and healthcare. He is currently a research assistant at the Stanford School of Medicine, and was previously a product manager at Khan Academy and Google. At Khan Academy, he led the development of the K-12 practice experience in the mobile apps and website. Santhosh studied computer science and biology at Princeton University.


Episode 4 Extra: One-on-One with Evelyn Ennis

After taping the Seminar for Episode 4 of All of the Above, Jeffrey sat down with Evelyn to learn more about her work as a teacher, teacher leader, and pioneer of using technology in the classroom in one of Los Angeles’ highest need schools and communities.  Evelyn is a 6th grade math and science teacher at George Washington Carver Middle School in South Los Angeles, where she serves as a department chair, and member of her school’s Instructional Leadership Team. Evelyn uses iPads in her classroom to differentiate and provide personalized learning experiences for up to 36 students at a time.


Episode 4 Extra: One-on-One with Jeff Share

After taping the Seminar for Episode 4 of All of the Above, Jeffrey sat down with Jeff to learn more about his work in the area of critical media literacy and his work training the next generation of teachers.  Jeff is a Teacher Education Program Faculty Advisor at the UCLA where his work examines the implications for technology and media in the classroom on addressing issues of racism and sexism. Jeff was a long time elementary school teacher in the city of Los Angeles as well.

Episode 4 Highlights


Jeffrey brings in a copy of the late, great, Lerone Bennett Jr.’s book Before the Mayflower and examines the widespread ignorance we have about the full scope of our nation’s history.  Americans are shockingly uninformed and misinformed about history and our government. How can it be that today, in 2018, we see white supremacist hate groups growing in size?  How can it be that poor and working people routinely vote for politicians who will give tax cuts to the wealthy, and oppose wage increases? Our school system - particularly our suburban and rural schools - plays a big role.


This episode we are joined by middle school teacher Evelyn Ennis, teacher education instructor Jeff Share, and technologist Santhosh Balasubramanian for a discussion about the rapid growth of technology in the classroom. Time spent on Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and a myriad of blended learning platforms now occupy a significant amount of the instructional experience of many American students.  But is this a good thing? Are we on the precipice of a great new era of public education, or on the edge of disaster?


Manuel reflects on a recent chance encounter with a former student at a concert in Hollywood. After a flurry of negative headlines regarding teacher interactions with students, Manuel reminds educators of the importance of being a positive connection for students trying to connect the dots in this disconnected world.